The District Collector-cum-District Electoral Officer of Vellore has asked all persons desirous of contesting the Assembly elections to open an account in any bank or post office, jointly with their election agent, a day before filing nominations.

The account should be opened in such a way that it could be operated either singly or jointly by the candidate or/and the agent.

The Collector said in a release that the account should not be opened jointly with the spouse of the candidate.

The account number should be intimated to the Returning Officer at the time of filing of nomination.

All transactions to be made by the candidate pertaining to the elections should be made through this bank account.

Cash gifts, if any, should be deposited in the account, and all payments pertaining to the elections should be made in the form of cheques from this account.

In case the candidates need to spend money for emergency purposes, the payment could be made in cash, but the transaction should be recorded in the separate cash register, which should be maintained by each candidate.

The final bank statement should be submitted at the time of submitting the accounts pertaining to the election expenditure incurred by the candidate.