D. Radhakrishnan

Driving between Gudalur and Mettupalayam is a dreadful experience

Udhagamandalam: For long considered to be one of the best maintained roads in the country, Ooty-Mettupalayam highway is now in an appalling condition.

The stretch, which is part of Nagapattinam-Gudalur-Mysore state highway, became the property of the National Highways a couple of years ago. Shortly thereafter, it was taken over by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

It is the main approach to Udhagamandalam and its extension, which links Kakkanullah on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border with Udhagamandalam, too is in a bad shape. Officials say that without a helping hand from the State Government and Union Transport Ministry they could not be improved.

Describing the situation as alarming, official sources said the units of the National Highways did not have funds even to carry out small patch works and even if funds were available they could not do anything as the road belonged to the NHAI. If it continued to be the property of the NHAI it would take a very long time for repair work to start as several formalities needed to be gone through in New Delhi.

Many potholes had become huge craters. With accidents becoming common, driving between Gudalur and Mettupalayam turned out to be a dreadful experience. The wear and tear expenses for motorists had gone up.