Big hotels had giant screens for a special screening of the match

The World Cup final cricket match between India and Sri Lanka on Saturday led to deserted roads and less crowd in the commercial areas of the city. Several shops closed for the day early in the evening.

Big hotels had giant screens for a special screening of the match. The Hindu and the Le Meridien jointly organised one at Le Meridien.

At the Rajasthani Sangh, the cricket lovers expressed their support for the Indian team by wearing blue jerseys and painting their faces with the tri-colour.

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (TANGEDCO) also chipped in with its contribution: it ensured uninterrupted power supply for all those who opted to stay at home to watch the match with their family and friends.

For areas that had the scheduled, daily two-hour load shedding in the evening, the power cut was rescheduled for morning for just a day.

The company restored power supply by 2.30 p.m. in places covered by Ukkadam, Thudialur, Dharapuram and Ooty sub-stations as these areas had power shutdown from 9 a.m. on Saturday for the monthly maintenance.

According to the TANGEDCO Chief Engineer here A. Thangavelu, the company had taken steps to ensure power supply in the city during the match hours. There was some demand relief from the high tension industrial consumers as many of them had stopped operations early.

Agricultural connections were given three-phase supply in the morning hours and two-phase supply in the evening.

The wind mills in this region generated about 321 MW on Friday evening. “With all these steps we wanted to ensure there was no power cut when the match was on,” he said.