T. Saravanan

MADURAI: The Transport Department has planned to establish a centralised online verification system to check the veracity of facts submitted to obtain driving licence, according to a senior official in the department.

It will help officials to spot drivers who have caused accidents.

At present, those who had committed serious offences while driving at one place could obtain fresh licences from another place, hiding the fact about cancellation of their licences, the official said.

But, once the core verification system, linking all regional transport offices, fell in place, the details in the driving licence would automatically get recorded.

By the click of a button, one could draw all the particulars about the licence holder, leaving no chance for the driver to cheat the authorities through fake or forged documents.

The proposal to set up a system to verify details by matching the photograph of the driver with that of driving licence had also been sent to the Government for approval.

Efforts are on to study the feasibility to install a fingerprint matching equipment to prevent habitual offenders.

Smart card

The department is also contemplating the introduction of `smart card', which will carry all the particulars of vehicles.

This system will help the authorities to effectively monitor vehicle lifting. Besides, it will save time for the authorities, as with one swipe the history of the vehicle can be traced.

The Transport Department was also keen to educate drivers on safe driving, the official said.

Keeping in line with this idea, the department had plans to conduct a one-day refresher programme to make the drivers understand their responsibilities.

Already, the department had collected a list of names of drivers, who were booked for causing accidents, the official added.