The Institute of Distance Education, University of Madras, has come out with an online grievance redress system for overseas students pursuing degrees through the distance education mode. With a dozen overseas study centres located in about eight countries, many of them in the Middle East, the institute has been offering niche courses like MBA, MCA and M.Sc in specialised subjects to improve career prospects of the overseas students. The students enrolled in Dubai faced difficulty in obtaining certificates as the franchisee disappeared, leaving them in a lurch.

A team of three officials from the university visited Dubai, listened to the grievances and solved them on a case by case basis.

Prof. V. Thangaraj, who led the team, is the director of the institute at present, and has set up the online grievance redress system for the benefit of overseas students.

In Dubai, the consulate office was very helpful, he said. “We have solved about 82 cases till now. The overseas students will have to provide us details on admission, fee, study material or certificate by giving enrolment number and wherever needed the payment details.

“Every online submission by overseas students is directly downloaded by me [the institute's website is] and forwarded to the officials concerned for speedy redress.”