Special Correspondent

The interest waiver would run to the tune of Rs. 135 crore

CHENNAI: The Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, on Tuesday extended the life of the `one-time settlement scheme' and the interest reduction scheme till June 30, for the benefit of over two lakh persons including 1.09 lakh farmers.

The interest-waiver would run to the tune of Rs.135 crore.

In a statement here, she said farmers in the flood-affected areas, weavers in the urban areas and other beneficiaries could avail themselves of the concessions by repaying the loan arrears before the deadline.

Under the extended scheme, farmers, who had obtained long-term loans and those who had received loans from urban cooperative banks could repay the loans in one instalment. If they could not do so, they could remit 25 per cent of the arrears initially and repay the balance in instalments within six months after June 30.