A new device to facilitate resuscitation is proposed to be introduced in the city.

The airway device is being presented as an alternative to the ones commonly used which not only come in different sizes but also require to be handled by an anaesthetist.

The device has been designed by Amer Shaikh, an anaesthetist by training, who was introduced to resuscitation at the age of seven when he revived his father, who was a cardiac patient and also a doctor. It was this early experience that inspired Dr. Shaikh to design an equipment that even a child can use as a resuscitation tool.

A video demonstration was held for the press on Monday to explain how simply the device can be used. As a first step, Dr. Shaikh and his Indian distributor, Sivagami Commercial Company, led by its managing director M.Ct. P. Chidambaram, will demonstrate the equipment in select hospitals on Tuesday. Dr. Shaikh's product is patented in the UK and the developer says it could be used even at home to ensure that the patient is alive until the ambulance arrives.

The resuscitation devices currently in use come in different sizes and a hospital requiring them for surgery has to stock all sizes. But the new airway device comes in one size that fits all adults, said Dr. Shaikh.