The District Crime Branch (DCB) police arrested one more person in a land grabbing case here on Wednesday. The arrested was Pitchai of Paraipatti.

The police said that Pitchai, who sold his five acre land to Wilson’s father W. Sharlane long back. When the father died, Pichai again sold the same land to Muniappan.

Challenging the sale, Wilson had filed a case in the Judicial Magistrate Court-II in 2010 that directed the DCB to investigate the case. The DCB, in turn, registered a case against 35 persons. Muniappan was arrested in 2010 itself. In another land dispute case, it filed cases against seven persons the same day.

The police said Chinnammal and her children had reportedly sold 10 acres of land owned by her sister-in-law C. Thangammal of Chokkalingapuram and Chithaiyankottai to S. Pitchai of Agaram. When Thangammal requested Chinnammal to give her share in the sale amount, they threatened to murder her.

Thangammal had filed a case in the Judicial Magistrate Court-II that directed to investigate.