First long distance train in Tiruchi Division to get such facility

The Tiruchi Railway Division has proposed to introduce on board housekeeping service (OBHS) in the Tiruchi – Howrah – Tiruchi Expresses (Train No. 12664/12663) in the coming months.

This will be the first long distance express train in Tiruchi Division in which on board cleaning service is to be introduced.

The OBHS will be implemented through outsourcing by identifying a private contractor for the upkeep of the train (in both directions) on the move.

Operated on Tuesdays and Fridays from Tiruchi Junction, the Tiruchi –Howrah Express takes over 35 hours to reach Howrah Junction passing via Chennai Egmore, Vijayawada, Visakapatnam, Khurda Road Junction, Bhubaneswar and Kharagpur covering a total distance of more than 2,000 kilometres with 21 stoppages enroute.

With 20 compartments including 15 reserved coaches, the Tiruchi – Howrah express is the lone train originating from Tiruchi Junction to be operated beyond Tamil Nadu border. Railway officials told The Hindu that OBHS would cover only reserved compartments of the long distance express train.

The cleaning workers and supervisors would be split into teams to cover the reserved coaches assigned to them.

A team of three workers and one supervisor would be deployed for every five reserved coaches.

The workers would clean the coaches three times a day – morning, afternoon and evening. In addition to this, they would clean the vestibules, toilets, spray disinfectants and remove garbage from the bins even while the train is on the move, the officials say.

Tenders would be floated shortly for the implementation of the scheme which is expected to be launched by April. The OBHS is to be introduced on the direction from the Railway Board.

The objective behind the proposed implementation of the OBHS is to ensure cleanliness of the train and travellers' satisfaction while it was on the move.

The railway administration had accorded top priority for cleanliness; a senior official said adding that the work of cleaning stations in Tiruchi Division including Tiruchi Junction, Vriddhachalam, Villupuram, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur had been outsourced.

  • Is the only train originating from Tiruchi Junction to be operated beyond Tamil Nadu border
  • Tenders to be floated shortly for the scheme which is slated for implementation in April