Western audience are to be treated to a different theatre experience when `Vaanaprastham,' a reminiscence narrative scripted and directed by Parasuram Ramamoorthi of Madurai-based Velvi, is staged across Germany from September 13 to 22.

The dramatic monologue of Mahabharatham character Kunthi is chosen by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations to be performed at four venues in Germany.

First show in Berlin

According to Prof. Ramamoorthi, Vaanaprastham's tour will start at the Indian Embassy in Berlin and move on to the School Theatre Studio, Frankfurt Mainz, and then to the Drama Teachers' Conference at Bremen.

It will conclude at the Institute for Musik and Drama, Rostock.

Incidentally, the narrative has been translated into German by Prof. Marion Kuester of the Institute for Musik and Drama as a shorter version of the original.

Actor Petra Steitz will perform the role of Kunthi in the German version, along with Anitha Santhanam of the English version.

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