Staff Reporter

TIRUNELVELI: The Tamil Nadu Local Body Multipurpose and Maternity Assistants Welfare Association has thanked the Secretary to Municipal Administration Niranjan Mardi and Director for Municipal Administration Senthilkumar for rechristening the names of two posts in the health section.

In a statement, the state president of the association L. Vijayalakshmi said the Multipurpose Health Worker and Maternity Assistants in the municipalities and corporations had appealed to the Government to rechristen their posts as Urban Health Nurses while the Health Visitors in these local bodies had sought to be known as Sector Health Nurses.

Following the representation from the association, the Department of Municipal Administration has accepted the requests to rechristen the names of the posts.

General secretary of confederation of municipalities and corporation employees, R. Seetharaman, said the rechristening of these posts would ensure better pay structure in future.