On Thursday, ‘Kudirai’ Kumar’s driving skills were assessed.

Kumar was originally booked as the driver of the Mercedes that was involved in an accident on May 23 that killed a 13-year-old boy and injured four others.

The police got him to drive a variant of the Mercedes that had been driven that night. In the presence of investigators and Mercedes service engineers, Kumar buckled himself into the driver’s seat of the Merc and, before long, proved to be a poor driver.

With no idea about how a car with automatic transmission functions, he had a tough time driving the Merc. Even after ten minutes in the seat, he did not succeed in moving the vehicle.

This performance was videographed; and the police obtained a certificate from the Mercedes service engineers, which stated that Kumar could not have driven the vehicle involved in the accident. The police also have in their possession, a medical certificate proving that Shaji and Kumar were under the influence of alcohol, when the accident occurred.

During interrogation, Kumar is said to have revealed specific details, including the brand of alcohol consumed, the purpose of meeting with Shaji that night, and where they were headed.

Forensic experts are also on the job to find out what exactly happened on May 23, the police said.

Driving skills of Shaji’s accomplice tested; police say he had no idea how to drive a Merc