D. Karthikeyan

MADURAI: At the session on English, standard VI students of Balamandiram Higher Secondary School gave some right answers to questions thrown at them.

The Newspaper in Education session held on Monday was a total recap of the spelling model course with focus on prefixes and suffixes and common mistakes students make while writing.

The resource person taught how prefix is attached to the word without any consonant duplication, accent or syllabication and also how adding a suffix would change the spelling of the word, with a change on the main part. This is the usual change but sometimes there are exceptions.

Intonation, ordering of words in spelling structure, which is one of the learning features of writing, were discussed. Language games formed part of the learning process.

The resource person made the session exciting by making the students engage in word chain activity and letter grid games to improve writing and vocabulary.

Earlier, the students were given a brief introduction to the significance of better writing, listening and reading skills and the importance of being active in classroom.