A pin-drop silence observed when procession taken out

: Thousands of people from different parts of the district as well as Kerala witnessed the ‘Odukku puja' at Sri Mondaicadu Bhavagathi Amman Temple in the district on Tuesday.

A pin-drop silence was observed when the puja procession was taken out on the temple premises. Special pujas and abisekams were also performed to the presiding deities of the temple.

Situated on the seacoast near Colachel, this famous temple was dedicated to Amman, dates back to the 7th century. At first, it was only a mound. It is said that divinity grew around this mound and it came to be known as Bhagavathi Amman.

According to local tradition, the area surrounding the temple was once a jungle known as ‘Manthaikadu' – a pastoral jungle. One fine morning, the locals, mostly shepherds, found a siddhar well versed in Asthama Siddha, performing puja to a Srichakkaram under a neem tree. He performed some miracles that astonished the poor shepherds. His favourite miracle was to ask the shepherds to dig a pit and bury him. He would reappear elsewhere. But when he did not reappear, they presumed that he had attained ‘mukthi.'

At the same time, they noticed a mound was growing in a place where he used to perform pujas.

Before long, the mound attained divinity and around that divinity the temple was constructed.