The National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) will not participate in the proposed nationwide bankers’ strike on August 22 and 23, M. Ramasamy, Assistant General Secretary of All India Overseas Bank Employees’ Union, Tirunelveli Region, has announced. In a statement, Mr. Ramasamy said the United Forum of Bank Employees’ Unions (UFBU), condemning the Indian Banks’ Association’s (IBA) attitude in delaying the talks, had announced that the bank employees would strike work on August 22 and 23. “At the same time, the NUBE believes that the IBA could be given more time to hold talks with the aggrieved bank employees. Moreover, the NUBE wants to meet Finance Minister P. Chidambaram to sort out the hitherto unresolved issues. Against this backdrop, the NUBE does not want to participate in the proposed strike,” Mr. Ramasamy said.

The nationwide bankers’ strike is to be held on August 22 and 23