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Hospital's mobile unit to transfer patients to specialised centres

Fully equipped ambulances, trained staff at patients' serviceDoctor, ICU nurse, technician to accompany patientService is free of cost within city limits

CHENNAI: The Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital launched a paediatric critical care transport facility to move children who are seriously ill from referral centres to specialised hospitals.

Transport facility

According to research, the health of children who are seriously ill deteriorates during the time taken to transport them to a speciality care centre. It was to address this problem that the KKCTH, a tertiary care centre for children , decided to launch the transport facility.

"Generally, smaller hospitals ask family members to transport the child, as very few have ambulances. They take the child by auto or cycle rickshaw and by the time the child reaches the hospital, it is too late ," says Bala Ramachandran, consultant, Paediatric Critical Care at the hospital. For instance, children with head injuries must be handled carefully during the initial phase.

"Stabilising the patient before transport and ensuring a safe transfer process is essential. This is the gap that our service hopes to fill."

Fully equipped ambulances

Authorities at the referring hospital can call the KKCTH to avail of the services of fully equipped ambulances and trained staff.

A doctor, an intensive care unit nurse and a technician would accompany the child during transit in the ambulance.

"We are equipped to treat the child even if complications arise during the time of travel. But, we take calls only from other hospitals, not homes or accident sites," Dr. Ramachandran said.

Free of cost

While the service is available free of cost within city limits, patients from outside the city will be charged subsidised fees.

Hospital authorities can call 044-42001800 (extn: 212, 204, 213) and submit the following information: patient name, age, diagnosis, current vital signs and recent lab reports.