The northeast monsoon, which brings a major share of Chennai’s rain, is likely to set in late by two or three days. Meteorologists said it would bring in more rainfall than usual.

The northeast monsoon may set in between October 20 and 25, said Y.E.A. Raj, deputy director general, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai, releasing this year’s forecast on Tuesday. The department forecasts that the State may receive 12 per cent more than what it usually gets. On an average, Tamil Nadu receives 438.2 mm of rainfall during the season.

The delay is attributed to the fact that the southwest monsoon is yet to withdraw. Usually, the northeast monsoon sets in around October 20. Officials of the meteorological department said the State gets nearly 50 per cent of its annual rainfall between October and December. Chennai too gets most of its yearly rainfall of 140 cm during the northeast monsoon.

The city and its fringes are expected to receive showers following a depression.