Incessant rain that lashed various parts of the coastal district of Cuddalore from Monday evening disrupted normal life.

Rain played spoilsport for last-minute shoppers and shopkeepers reported dwindling turnover for the season.

Children were also disappointed as they could not burst firecrackers for most part of the Deepavali day. Owing to inclement weather, Collector V.Amuthavalli declared holiday for all schools in the district on Thursday.

Samipillai Nagar in Cuddalore is an area where water stagnates knee-deep and remains waterlogged since Tuesday night.

Lack of drainage facility has compounded the problem as the existing conduits are too small to cater to the thickly populated area.

Residents say that whenever there is a heavy shower, the area gets inundated and stagnant water enters houses.

Break-up figures

Rainfall details on Thursday are as follows: Cuddalore – 87.20 mm, Annamalai Nagar – 59.20 mm, Chidambaram – 51.40 mm, Parangipettai – 50 mm, Sethiathope and Bhuvanagiri – 33 mm each, Vriddhachalam – 24 mm, Srimushnam – 22 mm, Lalpet – 15 mm and Kattumannarkoil – 14 mm.

Inflow data

There was also a substantial inflow in water sources and as a result, the level in several waterbodies rose.

Following are the details about various tanks getting the inflow: Veeranam tank – 44 ft (maximum level 47 ft), Sethiathope Anicut – 6 ft (7 ft), Wallajah Eri – 4.5 ft (5.5 ft), Perumal Eri full to the brim – 6.5 ft (6.5 ft), Wellington reservoir – 14.75 ft (27.4 ft) and Tholudur dam – 2.5 ft (8 ft).

Samipillai Nagar is an area where water stagnates knee-deep and waterlogged since Tuesday night