The main factor causing delays in renewal of recognition of private schools was because of their non-compliance with the norms of the State and Central Governments.

Many schools approached the department for renewing the recognition without the proper documentation, expecting the officials to show leniency, Chief Education Officer A. Gnanagowri told The Hindu here on Sunday. On many an occasion, the trusts running the schools would not have registered themselves or the management would not have obtained the necessary clearance for the school building from the local body.

Yet, they would submit the application for renewing recognition, which would result in Education Department official refusing to renew the recognition, she said. Although the schools have been instructed to submit their applications for renewing the recognition at least three months before it expired, many schools submitted them at the last moment. Further, she said that there were instances when the department had to ask certain schools to submit the applications. If the applications were completed and sent to the department early, there would be no hassles. However, very few schools do so. Ms. Gnanagowri said that the Department of School Education had numerous issues to tackle. If the schools submitted applications on time, there would be little delay.