There is no woman candidate in the fray in Tirupattur, Jolarpet, Vaniyambadi and Ambur constituencies. A total of 37 candidates, including 19 Independents, are contesting in the polls from these four constituencies.

The trend is, however, not new for this part of Vellore district. Except for Chandra Settu of the AIADMK, who contested in the then Pernambut constituency, no woman opted to contest in the polls during the Assembly election in 2006 in Tirupattur, Vaniyambadi and the then constituencies of Natrampalli and Pernambut.

“There is good women representation in the local bodies in Tirupattur. But, there is not a single woman who is contesting the Assembly election. Women representation is very important,” said a resident of Tirupattur.

Similar is the case with the local bodies in Ambur, Vaniyambadi and Jolarpet. A social activist pointed out that it was disappointing to see political parties, who have talking about the need for bringing in 33 per cent reservation for women in Parliament and Assembly, are not ready to give opportunities to women to contest the Assembly election.

“Like the reservation for women in local bodies, a consensus on the 33 per cent reservation in Assemblies and Parliament should be reached soon,” he said.