The cups of woes of the residents of the colonies around Seelanaickanpatty village of Salem have been overflowing for the last one year and the authorities are unconcerned about the fate of the residents.

Colonies such as Azhagu Nagar and Govindammal Nagar lack even basic amenities.

The suffering started with the road widening work by the National Highway authorities on Salem-Tiruchi line. The colonies have gone without electricity, telephone and broadband connections for days because of frequent damaging of cables.

Drinking water supply lines have gone dry as they are to be re-laid after the road widening work and the Corporation is yet to commence the job even after a year!

The residents depend on the water supplied by tanker lorries once a week.

The quantum of water supplied is grossly inadequate and the residents have to grease the palms of the lorry drivers who supply water according to their whims and fancies.



Poor planning

Because of the work on the railway overbridge in the western railway gate in Udumalpet town, traffic leading to Thirumoorthy dam Amaravathi, Chinnar and Munnar and villages has been diverted.

The approach road to and from this gate is not only very narrow but also muddy.

The traffic diversion has been done without proper planning by the railway, highway and the local body authorities, though gauge conversion works were announced in 2005.

A bypass road to the western side of Dhally Road from Gandhi Chowk connecting SNR layout should have been provided.

G. Chandrasekaran,

Udumalpet. (Readers can mail to with address and phone number)