R. Arivanantham

KRISHNAGIRI: Drivers of government vehicles in Krishnagiri are finding it difficult to park the vehicles in the town. The collectorate complex is situated 1 km away from the city and it has no compound wall or security. So drivers are afraid to park the vehicles there.

“If we park the vehicles there we are answerable to the authorities if some untoward incident occurs. So we park vehicles at the taluk office complex in the town,” say the drivers.

After the clash between lawyers and police, the drivers are told not to park vehicles inside the taluk office compound by Block Development Officer and the town Police Inspector. They fear attack on the vehicles by anti-social elements. Now most of the drivers park the vehicles inside the BDO quarters, Highway Travellers Bungalow.

Vehicles of forest and agriculture officials are parked on respective office compound.Nine car sheds were built at the new collectorate building. Out of which only three are used to park the vehicles of Project Officer, DRDA. Tri-cycles to be distributed to handicapped persons are stocked in three sheds. One shed is used to store cement and other construction materials and another is occupied by the house-keeping staff.

At present government vehicles are parked on the roadsides and two-wheeler sheds in the collectorate complex during day time. Drivers say at least 10 or 15 car sheds with shutters should be built at the complex besides vacating the occupants from the sheds.

When contacted, the town Inspector J. Arulmozhi Arasu told The Hindu that after the Chennai incident, officials and staff in the police department are instructed to park the vehicles under the illuminated place or near the sentry police by higher officials.