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Inflow into the Vaigai dam reduces sharply

THENI: With no rains at Periyar dam, the water level stood at 138.3 feet with a heavy inflow of 3,487 cusecs.

With no discharge either through Iraichal Bridge or through the four pipes from the dam, excess water was being drained into Kerala through the spillway. However, Public Works Department officials and experts from Papanasam dam have expedited repair work at the four pipes, which were blocked by accumulation of silt.

Drinking water supply was partially affected in Goodalur due to stoppage of discharge from the dam.

Inflow into the Vaigai dam has also reduced sharply. Water level in the dam stood at 68.67 with an inflow of 1,109 cusecs, thanks to good flow in Kottakudi and Vaigai rivers. Discharge from the dam was 1,841 cusecs for irrigation in Dindigul, Madurai and Sivaganga districts and drinking water supply to Madurai city.

Cumbum Valley received torrential showers since Saturday morning.

Agriculture work was in full swing in the valley. Normal life was paralysed in Cumbum, Theni and Chinnamanur towns.


There was a marginal increase in the level in major dams in the district, thanks to intermittent showers at several places.

The water level stood at 57.45 feet in Palar Porundhalar dam, 58.69 feet at Varadhamanadhi, 74.34 feet in Kudiraiyar dam, 81.44 feet in Pachalur dam, 15.96 feet in Kudaganar dam and 62.01 feet in Nanganjiar dam. Storage level stood at 23.50 feet in Kamarajar dam in Athoor, lifeline of Dindigul town and 17 wayside villages.