Ensure proper

water supply

Ramanathapuram is now getting drinking water under the Cauvery combined drinking water scheme. However, the supply has been erratic for the last one month. The residents are put to much hardship, owing to the lethargic attitude of officials concerned. Virtually all the residents have to depend on the private tankers on paying Rs. 3 per pot. The Municipal Commissioner as well as the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board officials should solve the problem, keeping in mind the ensuing summer .G. Nagasamy,


It is distressing to see pillars, walls and bridges in all public places and buildings defaced with graffiti, posters and advertisements of all kinds. It shows our lack of civil sense in keeping public places neat and clean. In contrast, if one happens to visit Tirupati one cannot see even a single poster or bill stuck on the walls or pillars of public buildings and places such as bus stand, railway station, airport etc. Though this pilgrim centre is busy throughout the year, it is kept spick and span. We fail to realise the healthy concept.

G. Jayaraman,

Sengamala Nachiar Puram.

Passenger shelter needed

Rajapalayam in Virudhunagar district is fast developing. There is heavy population these days. There are three bus stops along the main road leading to Gandhi statue junction. The first bus stop is at Gandhi statute, second at PSK Park and the other one near Chokkarkovil. The second and last stops have safety shelter for passengers. The passenger strength is more here than the other two stops. Bus shelters should be constructed by the municipality in association with voluntary organisations and philanthropists. Now, a temporary arrangement should be made to put up concrete benches for passengers.

S. Neera Thilingam,


Brokers at

railway station

In Paramakudi, Manamadurai, Sivaganga and Karaikudi railway stations, brokers occupy the reservation counters and collect money from commuters. In Sivaganga station, there is lesser allotment of berths. Hence, there is a heavy rush in the reservation counters. The brokers use it in their favour and extract Rs.50 to Rs.100 per ticket from the commuters. Will officials remove the brokers with the help of the railway police?

V. Rajendran,


Form new taluk

The Tamil Nadu Government announced last year that a new taluk would be formed as Kilakarai taluk with its taluk headquarters at Kilakarai, an ancient and historical place on the east coast of Ramanathapuram district. Except the said announcement made officially, no further steps seem to have been taken by the Government, so as to bring the new taluk into existence.

It is only in the larger interest of the public and taking into consideration the convenience of the Revenue Department for a better governance, new taluks are formed.

When decisions on such matters are announced publicly, the Government should take further steps immediately and should not put the proposal in cold storage.

I request the authorities to look into this as the new taluk is eagerly expected by the public sooner than later.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Coverage, well done

This has reference to the news item in ‘The Hindu' dated February 13, 2012 captioned “Jallikattu at Kosavapatti.”

It is interesting to note that jallikattu which is held in the month of January every year as part of Pongal celebrations has been conducted by Christians in Kosavapattu in Dindugul district in the month of February. Thanks to ‘The Hindu' which brought to light with beautiful pictures something new to me. No doubt jallikattu is a sport of the Tamils beyond caste creed or religion. I must make a special mention about the photographs by G. Karthikeyan displayed on the regional page which were very pleasing to the eyes. Even the rose petals falling from the bull's horns could be seen crystal clear. Well done, Mr. Karthikeyan.

E. Rajakumar Arulanandham,


Close roadside

open wells

It is a tragedy that marriage party van plunged into an open well at Nakkalakottai near Tirumangalam in Madurai district claiming 10 lives recently.

It is anguishing to note that there is no parapet wall around it with adequate security. There are more than two dozen open wells along the national highway four-lane from Chennai to Kanyakumari.

They do not have any protected parapet wall and that these wells are posing a great threat to repeat such tragedy in future too to road-users.

Hence, I request the National Highway Authority of India and the state government to close such open wells keeping public safety in mind as top priority.

K. Somasundaram,


It is time to

protect bison

The forests in Kodaikanal are getting destroyed, owing to construction of new buildings.

The diversity and the richness of species which makes Kodaikanal unique are no longer there. The bison which is one of the native species in Kodaikanal has lost its home and has nowhere to go. Day and night they wander on the streets, alarming both the residents and tourists. As their resources are slowly getting depleted, they come to town in search of food and water. The people who are scared of the bison set up traps and injure it by throwing stones. Although the bison could be aggressive at times it is merely trying to defend itself. We must not fail to realise that it is one of the treasures of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is one of the few places in Tamil Nadu where a unique species like the bison is present. I request the corporation to assure safety to the residents and to also make sure that the distinctive animal gets its required resources as it needs to survive, just like us.

Priyadarshini PK,


Classical music programmes

In all my visits to Sri Krishna temple at Guruvayur, I happened to see either dance or other classicalmusic programmes in progress in the auditorium just opposite the east entrance of the temple in the evenings.

It is learnt that the auditorium is maintained by the temple authorities and they encourage young and famous artistes to perform there free of cost.

I am delighted to see the crowd to witness the programmes.

It reminds me of the stories I heard from my elders and their friends of legendary nagaswaram vidwans, musicians, vocalists and popular dancers who enthralled audience in yester years in the Rameswaram temple in regular intervals. True to its real sense, temples are the custodian of our age-old traditional art and music.

They are the cradle to nurture the devotional music and transform it to our younger generation.

But now we have only 10 days of programme twice in a year at the time of celebrating ‘Masi Sivanrathri' and Adi Thirukalyanam with a thin attendance.

N. Jeyakanthan,