73 cases reported in Puducherry; officials say there is no need to panic

During the month of October, a total of 73 persons tested positive for dengue in Puducherry, three in Karaikal and one in Mahe. However, most of the cases that came to the Union Territory for treatment were from the neighbouring States.

According to Medical Superintendent of Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research J. Balachander, as many as 26 cases were referred to JIPMER in October out of which five cases were from Puducherry. The remaining were from Tamil Nadu.

Although there have been 73 cases in the Puducherry, none of them have been serious so far and no deaths have been reported, Assistant Director (Malaria) T. Kalimuthu told The Hindu .

“There is no need for panic and the disease has not reached epidemic proportions in the Union Territory. Several containment measures have been put in place, especially near houses of persons affected,” he said.

The Health Department has been sending staff to spray larvicide and create awareness in areas where patients reside.

In addition, officials are also on the lookout for possible breeding areas and educating the public on preventing and breeding of Aedes mosquito, the carrier of dengue.

At present, the Department of Health and Family Welfare is holding talks to establish inter-sectoral collaborations to prevent the spread of dengue.

It has already conducted one meeting with various departments, including the PWD, Local Area Development and the Puducherry Pollution Control Committee on measures to be taken at the commune level to reduce breeding of mosquitoes. The next meeting would be held in a month to iron out details, Dr. Kalimuthu said.

The most important thing is that people should stop storing water in open containers at their houses. The most common breeding grounds are coconut shells, tyres and other containers left in the open that collect rainwater.