Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: The city police have not received any complaint so far from the public against erring autorickshaw drivers, Commissioner of Chennai Police Letika Saran said here on Thursday.

Separate cell

She told reporters that after the revision of autorickshaw fares came into effect on Republic Day, the police had created a separate cell to monitor the functioning and handle any complaints from public against erring auto drivers. However, the police have not received any complaint so far, she replied to a pointed question and asserted that the police would ensure that the auto drivers stuck to the chart card distributed to them.

Passengers can lodge complaints against autorickshaw drivers by calling numbers: 103, 26445511, 26444445, 26445959, 26670993, 26215969, 24894466, 24867733, 22325555, 27264277 as well as 27663333.

They can also SMS at 98418-08123.