The police are yet to make any headway in the investigation into the murder of S. Vellaiyappan, Tamil Nadu State secretary of the Hindu Munnani, who was killed by a gang behind the New Bus Stand here on Monday.

That there was a diabolical plot to murder him was evident from the presence of five materials, appearing to be pipe bombs, in a bag found near the scene of crime.

Services of the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad in Chennai were requisitioned by the Vellore North Police through a court order to dispose of the suspicious materials.

The squad took custody of the materials and studied them on Tuesday.

On whether the materials offered any clue, P. Vijayakumar, Superintendent of Police, Vellore, said the nature of the materials would be known only after the police get a report from the squad. “We are developing on the clues,” was his reply when asked about clues.