Urinal in front of school not removed

A few months ago, a letter appeared in this column highlighting the need to remove a urinal maintained by the Thanjavur municipality at the entrance of the East Gate branch of St. Peter's Higher Secondary School. The urinal has not yet been removed and it continues to be a nuisance to the school students and also poses a health hazard.

P. Gnanasekar,


The Chennai- Kumbakonam stretch on NH-45c has been in a very bad condition near Nellithoppu at Jayamkondam cross road for quite a few months. A few accidents have occurred here in the recent past. I request the authorities to re-lay this stretch immediately.

K. K. Aravazhi,


Ariyalur district.

No response to patta application

I applied for a patta transfer in the VAO office on November 2011 and received a receipt from the VAO. After several attempts with the Thanjavur taluk offfice, there is no response to the issue of patta. The government has ordered for patta issue within a month, but the officials are not abiding by the order. They are giving irrelevant replies. I brought this to the notice of the Collector in February.

Even after that, I have not got the patta.

R. Kalaivani Srinivasan,


Rash driving

Due to the rash driving by some two-wheeler riders and four-wheeler drivers on the arterial medical college road in the town, accidents have occurred seriously injuring pedestrians. Big flex boards on both sides of the road distract the attention of drivers, thus adding to wayward driving.

The remedy lies in installation of traffic signals or creating speed-breakers with clear white stripes at regular distances on the road.

Vengarai S. Raman,


Ban sand transport to other States

No doubt, river sand is an essential material for construction till an alternative is discovered. However, huge exploitation of this precious resource results in the water table getting depleted leading to water scarcity. It is therefore suggested that transportation of sand to other States should be banned. Inter-district movement of river sand should be covered by proper movement permits.

K. Sankar Prasath,


PDS woes

The PDS network is doing well in the state barring a few shortcomings including under-weighing of commodities. This is mainly due to inadequate supervision by enforcement officials. Most of the ration shops in rural areas are manned by a single person. The employee gets irritated and tired in doing different jobs all alone, especially when there is rush. In a few shops, the employee engages help, by paying from his pocket. To make good the extra expense, he is resorting to malpractice. To put an end to this, it is suggested that all the goods should be supplied in pockets of standard measurements. The department could collect an extra rupee on each commodity as packing charges.

G. Pichai,


Debit card renewal fee

It is sad news for the customer, to note that banks are charging renewal fee for debit card. It means that banks are indirectly charging to maintain the accounts in the banks. Customers were forced to take debit cards when it was introduced. Had the customer known that a renewal fee is applicable, he would have opted out and started using withdrawal slips.

We deposit money in the bank and get small amount as interest. This is also being taken away at the time of renewal of debit card. Usually senior citizens, pensioners, and differently abled persons use debit cards judiciously. We feel that these of users may be exempted from debit card renewal charges.

Mali & Mani,


Tiruvarur district

Caution board for speed breakers

There is no caution board near the speed breakers on both sides of the main road at Alangudi Gurusthalam bus stop. This may lead to accidents. I request the authorities to display a warning board immediately.

Gurusthalam G. Srinivasan,


Increase frequency of bus

The State Transport Corporation town bus no.10 in the Nagapattinam-Nirthunamangalam route (via) Periathambur is being operated once in three hours. People find it very difficult to proceed to Nagapattinam. The transport corporation authorities should take steps for increasing the frequency of this bus service.

G. Chakrapani,


Poor upkeep of park

The Gandhi Park near by the Nidamangalam Railway Station is not being maintained properly for the past several years. I request the concerned authorities to renovate and maintain the park properly.

C. Anandakumar,


Unfair trade practices

A huge rush of customers can be seen at major shopping malls to avail themselves of the festival offer on consumer goods.

The traders announce even 50 per cent on maximum retail price for consumer durables. It is therefore clear that the MRP fixed on such goods is so accommodative even to allow such a huge margin of discount on the cost price. MRP on consumer goods is just boosted up to sell them even at half the price. There is no government mechanism to check these unfair trade practices. Awareness should be created among the consumers of such discount sale on festive occasions.

G. Srinivasan,


More ticket counters

On April 12, a good number of people were waiting at Chennai Egmore to purchase current tickets to board trains to the central and southern districts ahead of three-day holidays. At 10 p.m., all of a sudden one of the counters (counter no. 5) was closed causing disturbance among the people. I request the Southern Railway to open more summer special counters and operate additional trains.

V. Dharmadoss,


Passenger shelter

A large number of passengers are put to great hardship at Chinnappa Park in Pudukottai town due to the demolition of the passenger shelter recently. Youth visiting the employment exchange are the worst-affected. I request the authorities to put up the shelter immediately.

V. N. Dinakaran,

President, Mahatma Gandhi Samooganala Peravai,


Information boards

The government has issued orders to display information boards providing name, address, telephone, fax number, or e-mail ID of the district vigilance officers for the general information of the public to be contacted for seeking assistance on bribery.

Not all government departments strictly adhere to the norms. The government should ensure the display of these boards at all government and local body offices.

R. S. Moorthy,


Non-functional signals

Five automatic signals have been installed in different parts of Kumbakonam town. For the last one month not a single signal has been functioning. Besides, no traffic police personnel are posted at these points. I request the Deputy SP, Kumbakonam, to post traffic police personnel at all busy junctions at least during the peak hours.

K. Santhanam,


Garbage recycling

All village and town panchayats should convert the daily collected garbage into manure. Usually workers collect the garbage from the streets, dump it outside the village or town, and burn it. The smoke emanating from the combustion pollutes the environment. Through the compost production process they could earn revenue and our environment is protected by this recycling.

R. Sivakumar,


Restoration of trains

Two trains - Shencottah passenger and Tiruvananthapuram fast passenger - were running on the mainline before the BG conversion works began. If these two passengers were restored, they would be beneficial to the commuters of the delta districts, as the fare would be cheap.

S. Lakshmi,



Though Tirumayam is a major town in Pudukottai district, no express trains plying on the Pudukottai–Rameswaram route halt at Tirumayam railway station. I request the railways to take steps for stopping the express trains at Tirumayam station.




It is unfortunate that a section of the traders is opposed to the new railway line connecting Pattukottai. This section is negligible one. The railways should not succumb to the pressure of these people and should go ahead with its project.

J. Baskar,



I thank the Commissioner of Railway Safety for giving his consent for the operation of passenger trains in the newly laid Tiruvarur–Mayiladuthurai section. I request the Tiruchi Railway Division to take steps immediately for the operation of Karaikal–Chennai express and Mannargudi–Chennai express via this route, which will save a couple of hours of travelling time.

V. Ramanan,


Traffic regulation

The construction of bridge in Ariyamangalam and Tiruverumbur will take another three to four months. The public are facing difficulties while crossing the bridges, which takes more than half an hour during peak hours. Traffic should either be regulated or the road shouls be made as a ‘one way'.G.Nallasivan,


Point-to-point bus service

At present, the Manapparai–Tiruchi-Thanjavur is the only point-to-point bus service between Tiruchi and Thanjavur. The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation was operating conductor-less point-to-point bus service between Thanjavur and Tiruchi till a few years ago. This service should be resumed.