Special Correspondent

Says it envisages diversion of rivers; suggests alternative

  • Flood flows in Kerala can be tapped during southwest monsoon
  • Aimed at utilising only one-third of surface water from rain

    CHENNAI: Water and Food Equitable Distribution Organisation, a Chennai-based non-governmental organisation, has slammed the National Water Development Agency proposal for interlinking rivers.

    Analysing the reasons for several States opposing the proposals, N. Seshadri Kumar and K.V. Rupchand, the Chennai-based NGO's founder-directors, told reporters on Thursday that the principle of substitution and exchange formed the basis of the proposals. "The proposals envisage diversion of rivers, not inter-linking," said Mr. Rupchand, a former Chief Engineer. Furthermore, they were meant for one-way diversion of rivers. His organisation had prepared an alternative set of proposals.

    Two-way flow

    Said Mr. Kumar, an industrial and systems consultant, "Our proposals provide for a two-way flow with water credit and debit accounts." For example, flood flows in Kerala could be tapped during southwest monsoon and summer. The NGO's proposal for an Indian River Grid is aimed at tapping and utilising only one-third of the surface water from rain. The water will be tapped mostly at higher elevations, say 300 metres above the mean sea level. It will not disturb irrigation facilities or normal flow of rivers. Mr. Rupchand said 65,000 MW hydel generation and formation of three waterways were among the features of the proposals.