M. Soundariya Preetha

`The aim is to increase the weaving capacity'

COIMBATORE: A sub-group on powerlooms, formed by the Union Textiles Ministry, is likely to finalise its plans for the sector to increase the weaving capacity for the Eleventh Plan in a month.

The Additional Textile Commissioner, H.S. Das, told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the sector would have more focus compared to the Tenth Plan. "The aim is to increase the weaving capacity in the country." The fabric production during the last five years was about 29 billion sq.metres and the aim was to increase this by another 25 billion sq.metres during the next five-year plan period.

This would necessitate additional 2.25 lakh auto looms and shuttleless looms. The total number of powerlooms now were about 19.40 lakh. These would need continuation of the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme in the Eleventh Plan period, he said. He pointed out that the country had about 5,000 shuttleless looms at the beginning of the Tenth Plan period. About 35,000 shuttleless looms were added in the decentralised sector during the period. There are around 49,000 shuttleless looms in the country.

On the hi-tech powerloom parks, he said that the Cauvery Park (at Komarapalayam) and the Palladam Park were likely to become fully operational by next March. The Palladam Park would get about 300 imported looms by January or February next year. Some machines had already been installed for the Cauvery Park. Another weaving park was planned at Komarapalayam and the investors had purchased about 30 acres for it. Mr. Das visited the Cauvery and Palladam parks during his two-day visit to Coimbatore region.