Tamil Nadu government will set up new National Cadet Corps academies in four places including Chennai for the welfare of the cadets, said State School Education Minister C.Ve. Shanmugham.

Speaking to more than 100 NCC cadets and their officers as part of the 63 {+r} {+d} National NCC Day celebrations at D.G. Vaishnav College on Saturday, he said that the State with more than 1.05 lakh NCC cadets has a substantial NCC presence. “Apart from various new schemes for welfare of the cadets, we plan to provide new furniture worth Rs. 1.34 lakh and cooking equipment worth Rs. 4.50 lakh for various NCC offices throughout the State,” he said.

Student Protection Force

Mr. Shanmugham urged all students to join the NCC and urged college authorities to consider forming a Student Protection Force for the welfare of students, especially school children.