V.S. Palaniappan

Coimbatore: The Coimbatore Airport on Wednesday received the first ROSCNBAUR, International AG Austria, Air Field Crash Fire Tender costing Rs 3.35 crore. Two more will reach in a day or two, Airport Director M.R. Vasudeva said. Mr.Vasudeva told The Hindu that the airport has conventional fire tenders that could throw the jet up to 60 m. ROSCNBAUR could throw a jet up to 90 m with pressure measuring up to 10 Bar.

Air crash Fire Tender could carry 10,000 to 12,000 litres of water and 1,500 litres of foam. It could accelerate from 0 to 80 kmph in just less than 30 seconds. The vehicle could spray the extinguishing medium at 4,500 litres a minute.

Airport Authority of India (AAI) inducted these vehicles first in 2007-08 and at present there are 15 vehicles.

AAI would have 55 such fully computerised vehicles in airports across the country by May 2010.