The Thanjavur Municipality is taking all possible steps to provide drinking water to people without any problem, said Savithiri Gopal, Chairperson, Thanjavur Municipality, here on Wednesday.

Responding to complaints made by councillors that drinking water scarcity existed in some wards, Ms. Gopal said that borewells were sunk at various places to solve the problem.

Sun Ramanathan, DMK councillor, said alternate water projects should be taken up to meet the future needs of drinking water in the town. “Usually, Vennar will get water from Mettur in June. This year as there is no water in Vennar, drinking water scarcity is experienced in some wards. This should be solved,” he said.

To this, Ms. Gopal said that some new drinking water schemes are on the anvil. But as a temporary measure, municipal water lorries supplied drinking water. Compared to other Municipalities in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is better in providing drinking water.

Some councillors complained that there was leakage in the underground drainage system at many places. Sewage water was overflowing and causing pollution.

The Chairperson said that Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board had been maintaining the underground drainage in Thanjavur. It was yet to hand over the maintenance to municipality. But the municipality is taking steps to attend to problems in the system and correct them.

Ms. Gopal appealed to the people not to dump waste soil in the drainage system which leads to plugging of the pipelines and thus resulting in leakage.