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Pilot study under way at Cuddalore hospital from May 1

CUDDALORE: A new diet regimen will be introduced in all the government hospitals and medical colleges in the State from June. A pilot study has already been launched in this regard in the Cuddalore Headquarters Government Hospital from May 1, said Purushotham Vijayakumar, Additional Director, Rural Health Services (Medical).

Addressing a press conference here on Friday Dr. Vijayakumar said that during the British Raj 150 types of mainly meat-based diet were in vogue in the hospitals but after Independence the number was greatly minimised and simplified, so as to include milk and bread.

Hereafter, standardised diets would be served on the basis of the ordinary ailments, chronic afflictions and non-communicable diseases. It would include standard diet for HIV affected children, and, acute special diet for those having intestinal problems and diarrohoea.

There would be salt free diet for the patients with kidney problems and special preparations for the cancer patients undergoing radium or chemo therapy. The health institutes in remote areas would be permitted to serve the locally available diets, Dr. Vijayakumar said.

The new diet system would supplement the medicinal intake of patients for their speedy recovery. The hospitals would be adequately equipped to meet the requirements in this regard, he said.

Dr. Vijayakumar further said that it had been proposed to get the National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals certification for 12 government hospitals.

Already the certification was obtained for the Namakkal and Sholingur hospitals.

For this purpose the hospitals were being refurbished to improve their health care delivery on par with the corporate hospitals. This process might require streamlining the functioning of the hospitals and revamping the administrative set-up, he said.

Memo to 30 employees

Dr. Vijayakumar said that the Health Department had received a slew of complaints about extortion of money and lack of hygiene in the Cuddalore and Chidambaram government hospitals.

Following the direction of Health Minister M.R.K. Panneerselvam to study the issues involved he led a nine-member team that conducted inspection in these hospitals on Thursday and Friday. He said memos had been issued to 30 employees seeking explanation for their lapses. Dr. Vijayakumar said that a budgetary allocation of Rs.21.21 crore had been made and 37 doctor posts had been sanctioned for the Cuddalore hospitals this year. Joint Director (Health) T. Jayaveerakumar was also present.