A team of neuro surgeons successfully excised a benign tumour located in the deep central portion of the brain of a 20-year-old youth through neuro endoscope method at the Neuro Foundation, an advanced neuro care hospital, here recently.

Headed by senior consultant neuro surgeon Dr. R Natarajan and assisted by surgeons Dr. V Suresh, and G. Sekar, the complex procedure was carried out. The tumour called Colloid Cyst of 3 {+r} {+d} ventricle is uncommon and usually found at the deep portion of central brain blocking the flow of fluid. It would make brain swell and cause severe headaches to patient. Untreated, it would block vision and in rare cases would lead to stroke.

Specialised in endoscopic neuro surgery, the team in Neuro Foundation performed the same on the patient without craniotomy. A small hole of 10 mm was drilled in the forehead and a 6 mm wide endoscope was passed inside the brain.

Later the tumour was removed completely and successfully.

The patient was recovering, said a press release from the hospital.