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Reading will inculcate values in youth: C. Subramaniam

THANJAVUR: Literature helps people to become more humane, Tamil University Vice-Chancellor C. Subramaniam said here on Wednesday.

Inaugurating the Besant Literary Association at Sri Besant Lodge, he said the policies of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation had opened up new vistas for youth. Software companies offered jobs with a good salary and many landed in countries such as the United States for employment.

Though this was welcome development, the market-driven economy had led to a fall in values, ethics and character. Loyalty to one’s country, job, company and parents was missing. The reason for the bankruptcy of values was the absence of literary clubs, which could promote the reading habit. Literary associations could expose youth to ‘Thirukural,’ ‘Kamba Ramayanam,’ ‘Silapathikaram,’ poems of Bharati and Bharathidasan and English literary works of Shakespeare.

G. Swaminathan, former MP and Lodge president, said the Lodge had an ancient and excellent library with books in Sanskrit, Tamil and English. There were plans to modernise the library and add new books.

He suggested that speeches delivered at the Besant Literary Forum be brought as small publications.

He cited the example of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, C.N. Annadurai’s speeches, which were brought out in the form of booklets.

Forum president R. Thiagarajan presided over the meeting.