Plans mass cleaning, solid waste management, sapling plantation

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Arakkonam, has come forward to help the Department of Town Panchayat to keep the Thakkolam town panchayat clean and green. There are plans to take up mass cleaning, solid waste management activities and sapling plantation in Thakkolam town panchayat limits.

“The NDRF said that they have manpower and agreed to take up mass cleaning, solid waste management works, sapling plantation and conduct periodical medical check-ups and training programmes for the youth in Thakkolam town panchayat limit,” assistant director of town panchayat, Vellore, Malayaman Thirumudikari said. These aspects had come up during a programme held on Wednesday in which NDRF commandant M.K. Verma participated, he said.

There are 15 wards in the town panchayat. Of this, the Department of Town Panchayat has asked the NDRF to adopt five wards and turn them into a model for solid waste management. “They said this will be considered. We will identify the wards after holding discussion. We will provide the required materials for the works through the Thakkolam town panchayat. Mass cleaning could be carried out once in a month or so,” he noted.

Similarly, the department would purchase saplings, while the NDRF would take the responsibility of planting and watering them. They were ready to take care of the maintenance of the plants if any social service organisation chipped in, he said.

“We have asked them to provide training for our staff in solid waste management and door to door collection of waste and also train the youth to boost their self-confidence. In addition, they said medical check -ups could be conducted once in 15 days or once in a month. An area will be selected and they would depute their doctors to the location. The public will undergo preliminary medical tests and if required, they will be referred to hospitals,” Mr. Thirumudikari said.

In addition, the NDRF has also asked the town panchayat to contact them in case of any emergency such as accidents, he noted.