: It is a boon to both the foreign and domestic tourists who are visiting Kanyakumari as they could purchase mangoes for cheaper price at Pazhathottam near Kanyakumari.

The Horticulture Department has started the sale of naturally ripened mangos at Pazhathottam.

Pazhathottam is situated on 34 acres with 135 mango trees apart from other fruit trees. It sells mangoes for two seasons in a year — main season from April to June and the second season from November to December.

The Horticulture Department has set up a stall in Pazhathottam to facilitate the people to purchase mangoes, including Bangaloora, Kalappadu, Pankanapalli, Malgova etc.

Hence, officials of the Department of the Horticulture have made an appeal to people make use of this benefit.