Coating the interiors of hospitals with certain nano products that fall under the category of photo catalysts act at nano level and would help maintain sterility of hospitals, said S. Kanagasabapathy, Chief Technical Officer of Nanocoat, a Hyderabad based company.

Two-day conference

He was delivering a speech at the two-day national level conference on nano materials organised by Government Arts College, Tiruvannamalai here on Wednesday and Thursday.

Speaking to The Hindu on the sidelines, he said certain photo catalysts coated on the interior of the walls would destroy microbes in the environment when the organism lands on the surface of the wall.

“All it needs to work is availability of light. When coated in hospital interiors and operation theatres it kills microbes and helps to avoid complexities and side effects of fumigation,” he said.

“It is eco-friendly and green technology,” he added.

On Wednesday, Collector Vijay Pingale inaugurated the conference and G. Elango, lecturer of chemistry and convener of the conference spoke.

Photo catalysts-based product just needs light to work and kill microbes