The Potential Linked Credit Plan (PLP) for 2013-14 for Thanjavur district prepared by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) envisages a credit flow of Rs. 3,489 crore.

The plan was released by K. Baskaran, District Collector, at the bankers meeting on Thursday. S.T. Ravikumar, Assistant General Manager, District Development, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD); Raghu Vatsa Chari, Chief Regional Manager of Indian Overseas Bank; and Gnanavel, Assistant General Manager, Reserve Bank of India; were present.

Mr. Ravikumar said the crop production sector had a major share of 52.6 per cent that was Rs. 1,836 crore in the credit flow.

Term loan under agriculture was assessed at Rs. 887 crore accounting for about 25.4 per cent. Under Medium and Small Enterprises, Rs. 266 crore had been assessed as potential, forming 7.6 per cent, and the remaining Rs. 500 crore had been estimated for other priority sector.

The PLP projection for 2013-14 is higher by Rs. 1,098 crore when compared with that of the previous year, representing an increase of 45.9 per cent. The PLP points out that productivity enhancement (especially paddy, pulses, and sugarcane) needed to be prioritised. Adoption of advanced technologies for the restoration of soil health, mechanisation and cultivation of suitable remunerative crops, effective pest and disease management are essential to step up the agricultural production.

It suggests that water management needs to be improved with a provision for more storage structures and regulation of water during times of water surplus for use in times of water shortages, and water conservation by minimising water losses for increasing food production per unit of water.

Renovation and rehabilitation of farm ponds and system tanks can help meet the water requirement even in years of monsoon failure and improve the economic state of farmers, the PLP said.

Other suggestions include that horticulture crops could be encouraged as an alternative to the traditional cropping pattern in the district. Under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund, NABARD had sanctioned so far 859 projects for Rs. 350.50 crore comprising 430 rural roads, 65 bridges, 11 irrigation works, 49 check dams, 80 veterinary clinics, 68 drinking water projects, 135 schools, and nine tribal habitations.

  • Outflow projection higher by Rs. 1,098 crore

  • Highlights need for better water management