A Tamil movie on former Chief Minister and Congress leader K. Kamaraj titled Perunthalaivar Kamaraj was screened here on Wednesday for the benefit of school and college students.

After watching the full length movie that ran for 90 minutes, the Collector told reporters that the movie would be screened all over the district till April 10, 2014.

He also quizzed the students on certain aspects of the movie just to test their observation. The following were some of the questions posed by him to the students and their response:

What is the registration number of the car used by Kamaraj – MDT 2727; who was the political guide of Kamaraj – Satyamurthy; what was the birthplace of Kamaraj – Virudhupatti (as the place was known those days); who introduced mid-day meal scheme – Kamaraj, and so on.

The movie also highlighted the simple lifestyle of Kamaraj, which shunned police escort and the pilot lamp on his car. He would not take any advantage of his position as Chief Minister, nor would he allow his mother to get any benefits in his name. The Collector appreciated the students for their quick and correct answers.