Steps explained to farmers

The Department of Agriculture took out a procession at Kalakkad on Friday to popularise the ‘System of Rice Intensification' method, rechristened as ‘Rajarajan 1000.'

On reaching progressive agriculturist P. Sankaranarayanan's ‘Rajarajan 1000 farm,' situated near Dhonavur, the participant farmers were explained steps involved in raising nursery, square planting techniques and weed management using rotary / cone weeders, top dressing of nitrogenous chemical fertilizer using green colour chart etc.

C. Velkumar, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Kalakkad, who is also the Block Technology Team Convener of Farm Information and Advisory Centre (FIAC) at Kalakkad Block, answered farmers' queries on ‘Rajarajan 1000' method.

Extension worker of TVS Agricultural Science Centre, Eruvadi, T. Jothi, demonstrated methods of treating seeds using pseudomonas florescence and bio- fertilizers such as azospirillam, phosphobacteria etc. while P. Karunakaran of K.P.N Rajarajan 1000 Farm at Eruvadi shared his experience with the farmers.

P.R. Prasidha, Administrative Officer of Agricultural Insurance Company of India, spoke on benefits of insuring their paddy as well as banana crop.

Farmers who had already insured their crop would get the compensation based on the yield particulars to be provided by Department of Statistics soon, she added.

Extension personnel of the Department of Agriculture requested coconut growers to insure their healthy nuts-bearing coconut trees under Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme.

S. Muthukumar representing Weather Risk Management Service explained Weather-based Crop Insurance Scheme.

Officials from the Department of Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Co-operative Bank and Statistics also participated.