While taking efforts to establish more universities in the country with Fully Flexible Credit System to take higher education to the hitherto unreached population, colleges with potential should also be upgraded to universities, Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology G. Viswanathan has said.

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, he said that even after the National Knowledge Commission in 2006 had recommended establishing of 1,500 more universities in the country before 2015, only 40 universities had been formed till 2010.

As 30 to 35 per cent of the Indian population would be youths in the next two decades, the country should be in a position to provide quality higher education at an affordable cost to all of them so that the working force to be generated would be vibrant.

Towards achieving this goal, the governments, which were unable to allocate six per cent of budget for education, should invite industrialists and the rich to establish universities to take higher education to all.

Moreover, the Union Ministry of Human Resources should introduce Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS) to enable students to have higher education in the universities of their choice even before completing their course. And it would pave way for transferable credit system from one university to the other.

While supporting the concept of upgrading the colleges with immense potential for growth into unitary universities, Mr. Viswanathan said that it would ensure better infrastructure facilities after the upgrading of such institutions and the students would be given an opportunity to get exposed to the modern teaching - learning methods. He said the fears of the teachers protesting against this move were totally unwarranted.

“Affiliation must go”

The former Minister for Food, Cooperation and Dairy Development said that the concept of affiliation to the universities should also go as the colleges could not do anything on their own to upgrade even their syllabus as per needs.

“Only autonomous colleges alone can revise the syllabus in the present scenario and hence the system of affiliation to the universities should go. We need progressive reforms in the field of education also as we saw after liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation,” Mr. Viswanathan said while appealing to the media to expose corruption in the field of education.