Traffic police posted at the spot have the task of managing around 15,000 vehicles during peak hours Diversion leads to peak hour pile up in subway

CHENNAI: The recent heavy rain in the city left roads battered and traffic in disarray in North Chennai, calling for major repairs and diversions.

The concrete road in the Ganesapuram subway near Vyasarpadi Jeeva railway is being relaid. Thousands of vehicles that take the subway are being diverted through Perambur and Vyasarpadi.

At the Basin Bridge subway, connecting Vyasarpadi Sundaram Street, Erukkancheri High Road and N.H-5, a posse of traffic police, posted to manage the heavy flow, are having a tough time. The battered road beneath the railway track always has a pool of water from the pond nearby. "The pond is a reservoir of water flowing from surrounding areas during floods. The floor of the subway is on the same level as the pond." A solution could be to deepen the pond, says a local police official.

The subway, where traffic is already heavy during peak hours, is under additional stress with northbound traffic being diverted from the Ganesapuram subway. Traffic police posted at the spot now have the task of managing around 15,000 vehicles during peak hours. The concrete road, relaid with a water-resistant chemical mix, has worn off due to constant seepage of water from the tank and heavy traffic.

Heavy load

While the road was designed for lorries to carry 10 tonnes, vehicles carry 30 tonnes. The number of heavy and light vehicles has increased, resulting in heavy vibration of the road. A number of slow-moving handcarts and bullock carts, prohibited in the main arterial roads of the city, add to the traffic volume. With free-flowing four-lane traffic along Red Hills and Sholavaram, the density of traffic through the subway has increased, traffic police said.

To ease the flow, around 10 police personnel are posted in the area between 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.. To manage light motor vehicle traffic from Perambur, Kolathur, Sembium, Tiruvika Nagar, Kakkanji Colony and Bhakthavatsalam Colony to Parry's Corner, Purasawalkam and Anna Salai, heavy vehicles are diverted twice a day during peak hours through the Sathyamurthy Salai and Tondiarpet High Road.

Construction work in the Ganesapuram subway is expected to be completed in 20 days and it may take 10 more days for the concrete to dry.

Announcements about diversion of heavy vehicles are being made over microphone between 8 a.m. and noon and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. when heavy vehicles are diverted to Korrukkupet High Road.