There are a total of 24,79,673 voters comprising 12,39,453 male voters and 12,40,220 female voters in the rural and urban bodies in Vellore district.

The District Collector S. Nagarajan released the final electoral list for the forthcoming election in the local bodies in the district on Tuesday.

As per the final list, there are 3,01,458 voters (comprising 1,51,342 men and 1,50,116 women) in the 60 wards of Vellore Corporation, while there are 4,61,603 voters (2,29,438 M, 2,32,165 W) in the 324 wards in the 11 municipalities in the district. There are 1,43,691 voters (71,379 M, 72,312 W) in the 246 wards in the 16 town panchayats in Vellore district.

Village panchayats

As far as the rural local bodies concerned, there are 15,72,921 voters (7,87,294 M, 7,85,627 W) in the 6078 wards in the 743 village panchayats in the district.