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PRODUCT WATCH: Actor Asin at The Hindu -MetroPlus lifestyle show at the Chennai Trade Centre. Photo: Shaju John
PRODUCT WATCH: Actor Asin at The Hindu -MetroPlus lifestyle show at the Chennai Trade Centre. Photo: Shaju John

Prince Frederick

"The number of bookings has far exceeded our expectations"

CHENNAI: Shoppers visiting The Hindu -MetroPlus Lifestyle show (on till June 5 at the Chennai Trade Centre) are packing out the Samsung stall, thanks to incredible offers.

On her way out, software professional Sumana gives voice to her irritation, but in the process pays a compliment to the brand - "You can't stay in that space, unless you have mastered the skill of standing on one toe."

Sumana happened to visit the Samsung enclosure during one of those magic spells when shoppers can scoop out windfalls. Each of this lucky interludes lasts 30 minutes.

During this period, discounts ranging from 15 to 40 per cent are offered on a wide range of products. Since Samsung has lugged out and parked all its latest offerings at the CTC, you never know what you will carry home with a grin pasted on your face. The situation at the Samsung stall sums up Chennai's response to the 2006 edition of the MetroPlus Lifestyle Show.

The annual shopping extravaganza has so far registered a turnout that is about 70 per cent more than last year's show. With every stall receiving more footfalls, sellers have never been happier.

Suresh Jain of Diviniti (on Cathedral Road) is immensely pleased with his decision to use the Lifestyle Show as the platform to launch his brand - Kesar Gift Mart. A shopper vindicates his decision. Choosing gifts for her sons four-year-old Mayank and two-year-old Varun at Kesar, she is unable to make up her mind. With a sweep of her hand, she says, "The range is amazing!"

"The number of bookings has far exceeded our expectations," says Suresh. A limited edition Ram Darbar, consisting of Sterling Silver figurines of Rama, Lakshmana, Sita and Hanuman and costing close to Rs. 4 lakh was booked minutes after it was placed on the display table.

Classic Polo is another brand that has used the show to showcase its latest creations. Try out its "Evapora", a new fabric that gives the wearer a dry-feel even while the heat is really turned on and buckets of sweat seem to be running down his body. "Trendz", its new line of designs for the fashionable young, is another attraction.

The RmKV stall is a sight for the gods. Shining multi-colour glass panels adorn the structure. This aesthetic creation is meant to reflect RmKV's ability to produce sarees that don't leave out any colour known to mankind.

K. Gautam, regional manager (sales), Sabols, says the MetroPlus Lifestyle Show is a big advertisement for the brand.

"It has always helped us explain to the consumer why he should go for our packaged drinking water."

As a token of appreciation, Sabols provides 1500 barrels of free water that is being filled in bubble-top dispensers and also 1700 two-litre bottles of free water to the other participants at the show.

Narasimhan, a flight attendant with Delta Airlines, has a fascination for shopping at the Chennai Trade Centre and has visited many a consumer exhibition held at the venue.

The MetroPlus Show is among his favourites. "At this exhibition, everything is available" is his glowing tribute.




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