Positive developments took place at American College here on Thursday following an initiative taken by Moderator of Church of South India (CSI) G. Devakataksham who visited the college to restore peace and normality in the campus.

His visit to the college assumed significance since he is also the Bishop in-charge of Diocese of Madurai and Ramnad and president of the American College Governing Council. Mr. Devakataksham spent nearly three hours meeting representatives of both the factions who are fighting over the college management since 2008. There was a ray of hope in both the camps that the Moderator will be able to restore normality in Madurai's historic educational institution.

A positive mood prevailed in the campus as representatives of teaching/non-teaching staff eagerly met the Bishop in-charge at the American College Governing Council Meeting Chamber. Information about his visit to the college and purpose of his visit were displayed on the notice board. It said that faculty members and non-teaching staff who have grievances may express them in person and the Moderator's visit was in pursuance to the wish of American College Governing Council. Both M. Davamani Christober, Principal and Secretary, whose appointment is being challenged by rival group leader PR.Anbudurai who claims himself to be Principal in-charge, have said that something positive would happen with the visit of college president. “We are pleading with him to end the stalemate in American College because the issue is going on from 2008,” Dr.Anbudurai told The Hindu .

On the other side, Dr. Davamani Christober has said that the positive development as a result of the Moderator visit was that he was meeting all the rival parties and groups who have been waiting to give a vent to their feelings. “We are happy that everyone got a chance to express their grievances. His visit only reaffirms that all disputing parties in our college are accepting him and his intervention.” Similar views were expressed by various other staff members also and a common appeal that came from every quarter was that both sides must first trust each other before going for talks so that the issues can be solved harmoniously.

Another appeal was that the college management and well-wishers of American College must take adequate steps to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the campus since academic institutions have place only for staff and students.