Five vans to be procured for servicing this consumer-friendly venture

To reach out to more number of households and to give boost to farm-fresh vegetables, the Cooperation, Food and Consumer Protection Department has decided to buy five vans.

Currently, the department is selling farm-fresh vegetables in select areas through 29 outlets in the city.

As there is a demand from households, the department plans to deploy two vans for selling vegetables and three for transporting vegetables from different parts of the State.

According to informed sources, the State government will spend Rs. 70 lakh for purchase of five vans.

After modifying it as per the requirements, two of them will be used by the Triplicane Urban Co-operative Society.

The department will use the remaining three vans for procuring vegetables from primary marketing cooperative societies located in the districts of Krishnagiri, The Nilgiris and the regions surrounding Palani.

Design yet to be finalised

“The G.O. was issued on Tuesday. Each truck will have a capacity to carry five to six tonnes of vegetables. We are yet to finalise the design that might include refrigeration or cold storage facility as vegetables and fruits have to be brought to the city in fresh condition. The exact date of launch will be announced soon,” an official said.

Having commenced the sale of farm-fresh vegetables on June 20 in Chennai, the department till date has sold 1,800 tonnes of vegetables with the retail sales volume crossing Rs. 5 crore on Tuesday.

“Though the daily sale of vegetable is about Rs. 4 lakh, more and more customers have started to visit our outlets as the prices are comparatively cheaper than the open market. In the recent times, we have bought down the prices of onion, tomato, ginger and coconut by timely intervention. Following requests from customers, we are deploying two mobile outlets and the routes will be finalised soon,” the official added.

Five vans to be procured for servicing this consumer-friendly venture