The recent raids carried out by the Indane LPG division of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited has indicated that misuse of subsidised domestic LPG cylinders for commercial purposes was rampant in rural areas. Senior Area Manager of Indane, Coimbatore M. Chandrasekharan said that the LPG wing of the IOCL was committed to end the misuse of subsidised domestic LPG cylinders for commercial purposes. Though Indane was frequently conducting frequent surprise checks against misuse of domestic LPG, the statistics relating to raids and seizures indicated that diversion and misuse was more rampant in rural areas because the city areas were subjected to frequent raids. During a recent drive against subsidised domestic LPG misuse conducted in rural areas such as Negamam, kondegoundanpalayam, Adalpatti, Kongalnagaram, Somavarapatti, Sungaramadakku, Kudimangalam, the team of LPG officials led by Deputy Managers N. Geetha and Remya Nair as many as 35 cylinders were seized despite attempts to resist and even overpower the officials.

Police help came in handy for ensuring the rule of law, IOCL officials said. The team involved in the raid also detected that a house was having four subsidised domestic Indane and two private cylinders and one filling motor used for transfering LPG from domestic LPG cylinders to cars and commercial cylinders at Kondegoundanpalayam. Officials also pointed out that detection of diversion would lead to serious complications including barring them from the eligibility for LPG connections. The Indane authorities also cautioned that collusion of distributors and delivery boys in diversion of cylinders would be dealt with severely.