Tourism Minister S. Gokula Indira has mooted a plan to develop heritage tourism for Jawadu Hills and asked the district administration to prepare a project.

Delivering the inaugural address at a two-day summer festival that begun in Jamunamarathur on Jawadu Hills, she said various works, including developing Beema falls, construction of check-dam, repairing trekking route from Shenbagathoppu, construction of rest rooms for tourists and creating basic amenities, beautification of Kovilur lake and laying pedestrian platforms on both side of the road leading to botanical garden under construction in Jamunamarathur were being taken up under Jawadu Hills Integrated Tourism Development Plan. The Union government provides Rs.338.15 lakh as assistance for the plan.

She also said that since heritage tourism was gaining popularity, ‘heritage walk’ plans could be introduced to places of interest on the hill. “Since tourists expect neither posh rooms nor regular food in this serene hilly spot we can make native people host tourists in huts and provide them foods such as kali, kanji or puttu made of samai (minor millet) or food items made of roots available here. All they need is to prepare them in a hygienic way and provide decent toilet facilities in the heritage homes. Government can register and monitor those heritage homes. The district administration shall prepare a project in this regard and send it to the State government which would be ready to support the plan,” Ms. Indira said.

Two-day summer festival begins at Jamunamarathur